Ceol is a new band from all over Ireland with a passion for folk music. 

Their debut single "BEESWING" is out now. Click the link to listen and download;


Matthew (25, Donegal), Cathal (22, Dublin) Daryl (26, Kildare) James (24, Wexford)

Taking inspiration from The Dubliners, The Chieftans, Mumford and Sons, and many other great Irish and International artists before them, Ceol aim to bring folk music to a new generation.

The idea came from travelling around Ireland and seeing so many talented young musicians singing and playing in pubs every night of the week. 

The band got together in mid 2021, and has been writing and recording throughout autumn and winter 2021.

They release their debut single in early 2022, and will be touring throughout the year.

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